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An abundance of Italian plums…

Tonight after cleaning the kitchen I made the practical decision to deal with the bag of plums lingering in the fridge.  It takes up a swath of shelf of real estate and it’s only a matter of time before ‘people’ start asking what is going to happen with them.

What is more inviting for a kitchen project than a  nice open and tidy work space?

As I begin my mind is split – traditional jam or a Chinese plum sauce. Thinking through the steps both will take an equal amount of time and effort.  I decide to double down and do each project one after the other.

The plum jam I attack first, this one has no recipe; a pile of plums so big and so sweet requires x amount of sugar.  Now, with the jam burbling away I compile the required bits for the plum sauce.  Following Nigella’s direction.  Her no nonsense approach has yet to lead me astray.

From an abundance of plums come new ideas for steamed pork buns and currant scones.  Two projects probably best tackled on their own.



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