Grapefruit and the Goddess

With the windows open so that I can hear every trickle and plop as the rain drizzled down there is grapefruit boiling on the stove and pizza dough rising in a bowl near by.  The kitchen is filled with a heavenly floral scent.

For this round of marmalade making I followed Nigella’s lead adjusting the recipe slightly to account for having slightly less grapefruit than the recipe asked.  It is the most straightforward and no nonsense approach to confiture that I have found: boil, chop, combine all ingredients, boil again, then into jars.  Emboldened with the “Goddess” by my side I set out to create what I  was sure would be my most successful marmalade to date.

If you can resist the urge to hover like a mother hen this process is relatively hands off.  Leaving you the freedom to sit back with a magazine and cup of tea. Those who need to be on the move could consider whipping up a batch of scones to have at the ready this afternoon once the marmalade has cooled to a palatable temperature.

The results are a marriage of bright acidity, sweet, spreadable jelly, and chewy al dente rind.



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