The miracle that is roasted chicken

A roasted chicken just keeps giving; long after the dinner party guests have gone home you will be left with succulent chuncks of meat and the bones. 

 You now have sandwiches for days be it a hearty club, toasted on rye, or rolled into a Caesar wrap.  Just like that with a little swipe of sriracha mayo your lunchtime cravings are handled. 

This next item may be the main reason I take the time to roast a bird.  Don’t forget the stock.  To summarize  Nigel Slater in The Kitchen Diaries, “it provides a lick smacking depth to your cooking would otherwise be lacking.” There is no substitution.

Make it. Make time for it. Don’t let it boil!  

Leave it gently simmering on your stove top for a few hours while you go about your business. Taste it, strain it, store it.  Soon enough it will be time for soups, stews, and all manner of slow cooked goodness whose depth of flavor is determined by the quality of the stock used to create it.


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