This and That

imgp2632I try with recipes to follow them the first time word for word to give me a base line of expectation.  Does that always happen? No, even with the best of intentions.  There is a certain amount of freedom that comes with pulling a meal together with nothing more than a vague idea in your head of the flavors you want on the plate in the end.

Tonight was a night for visions and quick execution.  After an afternoon spent in the crisp fall air appetites were fierce.   A quick inventory of the fridge resulted in this list of highlights: braised pork shoulder, roasted Sugar Pie pumpkin, roasted potatoes, pickled red onion, garlic, parsley, and eggs.

Continuing with my irreverent theme the roughly chopped pork shoulder is added first to the cast iron pan, followed by the garlic, parsley, pumpkin, and potatoes.  Into the oven long enough for everything to start to caramelize.  Then, the slivers of red onion and more fresh chopped parsley are added to freshen things up.  All finished with a soft poached egg and paired with the last of a bottle of 2014 Santenay.  Opened a bit young, but the  acidity and smokey mushroom quality of the Pinot Noir paired well.

The resulting dish brimmed with autumnal flavor and satisfied a hungry crew with a minimum of effort.



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