The Farmgate


It was on a drizzly Saturday morning about half way though our vacation that we found an opportunity to get away to The Farmgate for a meal.

Lunching any day of the week sounds extravagant.   If you are going to treat yourself this superb spot sits only a stones throw from the Midleton Distillery and should be on the top of your list.

Just off the main drag in Midleton this restaurant and its sister cafe in Cork City has been a dining staple  for many years.  The food is fresh, the service warm, and the ambience inviting.  Upon entry your appetite will be distracted by the cornucopia of prepared foods displayed as you approach the dining area.  Stay focused – you can always pick something up on your way out out.

The rotating menu features market fresh fare.  Today the smoked Gubeen and ham quiche with salad paired beautifully with the Dungarvan Brewing Company Helvick Gold Irish Blond Ale.  Do take the time to get up for a stretch before dealing dessert – take a lap around the dining room to check out the display.  There is usually an irresistible apple or lemon tart that will beckon to you like a siren from the sea.  Give into the call, you’ll be glad you did.


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