On a chilly clear October evening I was out on Capitol Hill to meet a friend in one of Seattle’s culinary quadrants.  Melrose Market, the Starbucks Roastery, Mamnoon, and Victrola all sit within a stones throw of Stateside.  It’s an easy albeit uphill walk from downtown.

This was my second visit to Stateside.  I had been dreaming about the cumin crusted pork ribs ever since. On that occasion dinner was paired with a 2009 Gangloff Cote Rotie, a bit young, yes.  But, the exotic spice notes on the wine and its high acidity married well with the Vietnamese flavors of the menu.  The wine list itself is thoughtful and concise.  With obvious effort being made to consider the menu and its flavor profile.

This evening a few well chosen plates and a well executed drink from the bar served as a backdrop to long overdue conversation with an old friend.  The crispy duck rolls, grilled pork collar, and sesame daikon cucumber salad were all punctuated by balanced flavors – sour, spicy, herbal, and sweet.

Dessert was declined in order to satisfy a curiosity about their newly opened sister space Foreign National.  The evening concluded in this intimate space serving up smooth drinks in an atmosphere of laid back cool.

The Seattle dining scene continues to evolve and mature.  This corner of Capitol Hill is one worth returning to time and again in order to sample all that it has to offer.


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