Sweet Simplicity

It is easy to forget the sweet simplicity of poached pears in the easy days of berry flats and plump summer melons.    

As the days cool the market offerings shift to heartier fare – apples, pears, and quince fill the baskets.  Poached pears make a versatile treat to have in the kitchen over muesli, in a tart, or to accompany  a fine blue cheese.

Bosc pears stand up well to poaching. It gives them a meaty, smooth texture. The vanilla syrup for this recipe is an easy 1:1 ratio of sugar to water, wine could be substituted.   The pears are submerged in the syrup once the sugar has dissolved.  Once knife tender they should be removed from the syrup and allowed to cool.  Reserve the vanilla syrup.  It can be used as a glaze, or cocktail base.


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