Slightly Sideways…

Saint Emilion produces some of the world’s most expressive Merlot and Merlot based wines in the world.  In this environment in particular the grape takes on a unique structure and profile.


Now ten years old the 2006 Chateau Croix de Laurie was at first a bit hesitant.  Wait for it.  With time and air the multi layered flavor components that showcase this wine’s ability begin to reveal themselves.

After a few hours the wine is redolent with aromas of violet, leather, and dark earth.  On the palate crushed ripe black currants lift the deep plummy notes with fine dry tannins providing the structure that enables this Merlot to stand on its own.

This wine could pair well with a myriad of dishes involving grilled meats, hearty vegetable stews, and gratins.   There are many years left in this wine due to its  acidity and tannic structure.  It will continue to develop and evolve, as the best wines do.

2006 Chateau Croix de Labrie Staint-Emilion Grand Cru

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