With a glass of Pinot Noir…

There is a spinach and bacon quiche cooling on the rack filling the kitchen with a heavenly scent.  Once it does reach a palatable temperature I will be asking myself why I did not make two.  Quiche never lasts long in our house; one involving bacon is gone in the blink of an eye.

I try to keep a few frozen quiche shells on hand, just in case.  When it does work out that one is at the ready making quiche is less of a task.  The process can be broken down into two stages, instead of three.  The base must be combined and strained.  The filling ingredients must be prepped, cooked, cooled, and placed in the pastry shell.  When adding the custard it is best to have the quiche shell on a lined baking sheet.

In the time it takes to bake the quiche a fruity bottle of Sonoma County Pinot Noir was opened and left to breathe on the counter for a moment.  The 2014 Olema Pinot Noir is as easy drinking as dinner was to make.  The delightful blend of Sonoma grapes from the different areas of the county give the wine lovely fruit and balancing acidity.

Quiche and a glass of wine – certainly a pleasant way to ease into the week ahead.



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