Sea Wolf Bakery

Down the hill and around Lake Union from Capitol Hill is another emerging culinary quadrant to add to Seattle’s repertoire.  Sea Wolf Bakery recently opened their newly minted location on the Eastern fringe of the Fremont neighborhood.

Nestled in next to Manolin the bakery’s lights served as a beacon as we made our way to the front door.  We were up before the sun, but still not the first to arrive.  Looking around as we waited in line the space is clean and open.  The spartan decor focusing your attention on the craftsmanship.  The open workspace provides a happy distraction as the bakers work on pastries and loaves of bread for the day’s sales.

We sat, a bit drowsy, munching and crunching on plain and chocolate croissants.  The sky-high pastries showcase the production skill of the bakers with layer upon layer of careful lamination visible in the finished product.  The outer shell shatters with each bite sending buttery shards of croissant confetti on and around the plate.

The sourdough loaf we took to go.  It became obvious the better part of the weekend would be  spent slicing slabs of chewy sourdough and eating them slathered with salted butter.


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