Rain Shadow Meats

On paper a ham and brie sandwich can sound like a safe bet.  There is nothing revolutionary in the flavor combination, or so it would seem…

Rain Shadow Meats has been a fixture in the Seattle food scene since the butcher shop opened as part of the Melrose Market in 2009.  It’s expansion to a second store in Pioneer Square speaks to the popularity of their message and the quality of the products produced in house.

On this visit I was in search of suet and some lunch.  The suet is for a mincemeat project that needs to get started soon considering December is around the corner.  This specialty shop seemed like the right place to source such a unique ingredient.  It was not to be found.  So as not to leave empty handed after describing the project it was determined the pork fat they had available would be a suitable replacement.

The lunch brings us back to the ham and brie.  The resulting sandwich could really have served as the center piece for two meals.  The ham is sliced paper thin.  It’s a dry, tender, and salty with just a kiss of sweetness.  The thickly cut brie is unctuous and a good foil for the seasoned bitter radicchio.  The sandwich is a prime example of taking a simple idea, using the highest quality ingredients, and executing balanced, delicious results.


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