Practice makes perfect

Roasting a game hen tonight. Salt, pepper, oil in the pan, a stark contrast to the more complicated process planned for Thursday.

There is much to be done in preparation for said dinner.  The sides have been delegated: squash soup, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts.  I am tasked with roasting the turkey, gravy making, stuffing, and dessert (apple, not pumpkin pie).

Over a dinner of salad and roasted game hen the finer parts of the menu are decided.  Dinner this year will be in the late afternoon.  The pie dough can be made on Tuesday night allowing it plenty of time to rest. The gravy can slowly cook and reduce on the stovetop Wednesday night while the pie is made.  By Thursday the turkey and stuffing will be the only components left to prep and cook.  Leaving  mushrooms to be sautéed, herbs chopped, turkey roasted, and cream whipped.

Thanksgiving To Do

  • Herb rosted turkey
  • Porcini stuffing
  • Gravy
    • Wednesday night project
  • Apple Pie
    • Wednesday night project




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