The Final Countdown

The countdown to turkey day continues in the waning hours of Tuesday evening adding a bit more pressure to the preparation.  Come Thursday all that should be left to be done is to roast the bird perfuming  the house with the most sublimely savory bouquet.

Tonight to cross things off the list the chanterelle and porcini mushrooms are chopped and sautéed with garlic, shallot, and caramelized onion.  Once reduced the pan is deglazed with a half cup of stock and red wine.  Then, allowed to reduce again.  Eventually, they will be left overnight in the fridge to be combined with the remaining stuffing ingredients the night before the big day.  This will allow the flavors to saturate and meld.

What wine was used to deglaze the pan seared mushrooms?

Why, a lovely 2013 Chinon from Marc Brédif. This wine is lush and rich with that characteristic twang of green on the finish that distinguishes Cabernet Franc from other full bodied red wines.  The hint of gaminess pairs well with the innate earthiness of the Pacific Northwest mushrooms.


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