These pillowy puffs of spherical pancake signal winter has settled in. They come to the table stacked high and blanketed in a heavy dusting of powdered sugar. They can be eaten this way paired simply with a piping hot cup of coffee.  Or, the can be stuffed while cooking in the pan with jams, jellies, or nut butter.

Like all things griddled there is a trick to getting the pan temperature just right. Hovering over the stove making little tweaks and adjustments for the right cooking time and crispy finish.

The batter preparation is no different from any other pancake method. Flour, eggs, and milk make up the main components. Oh, and butter.  Copious amounts of butter.  The difference is the pan. Ours is square with nine half moon divots.  Nubs of salted butter are melted in each before a tablespoon (an approximation) of batter is added.  It is allowed to sit long enough to set before quickly flicking it over to complete the sphere.  Working methodically from left to right across the pan.  Much like making crepes the technique takes a bit of practice.

Once mastered this winter treat will bring a smile to the faces of everyone waiting st the table.


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