Seeing stars…

After the initial excitement of Christmas morning passes and the first pot of coffee drained the big hunger announces itself.  This adapted shortbread recipe from the first Herfarm Restaurant cookbook produces crisp, fluffy biscuits.

The recipe was doubled on purpose to have leftovers to freeze for another day.

  • Flour, 4 cups
  • Baking Powder, 2t
  • Baking Soda, 1t
  • Salt, 1/2t
  • Butter, 8oz
  • Milk, 1/2 cup
  • Kefir, 2 cups
  • Heat the oven to 425˚F

Combine the dry ingredients.  Cube the butter and massage into the flour mix leaving pea sized nubs.  Add the milk and kefir.  Combine with your hands or using a fork.  The dough will be sticky enough to scoop with a spoon.  You can stop here with drop biscuits.

Or you can take one more step that will work the dough a bit more, but give you options. Dust your table top liberally and turn the dough out onto the floured surface.  Before rolling the lump of dough into a manageable shape dust the surface with flour.  Roughly shape the dough into a square.  Roll the dough to the desired thickness. They will pop a bit in the oven.  Cut the biscuits into desired shapes.  Spread evenly on the lined sheet tray.  Brush with egg wash. Bake for 10-15 minutes rotating once.

Today’s biscuits baked while the sausages roasted and a large portion of scrambled eggs were whisked together on the stove.


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