A ‘Piefecta’

There was something of a theme on Saturday between pizza pie, apple pie, and Shepherds pie. 

 It began with lunch out to catch up with family who had made the cross country trek for the holiday weekend.  Pies with potatoes, pies with prosciutto, and one petit cheese and tomato pie.  Paired with Lambrusco and charcuterie lunch was the first of many feasts.  

Back home dinner started and ended with pie, Shephard’s pie that is.   One potato per person usually produces enough mash to cover the Worcester gravy spiked minced lamb.  The dish is gusied up with chopped parsley and nubs of butter that melt into the peaks and valleys of the potato.  

Apple pie rounded out the night.  The fruit is peeled, quarter, cored, and sliced.  Leave the slices in an acidulated water bath.  The key to this sublime pie is the cider caramel. Melted butter, brown sugar, cane sugar, and cider combine to make a sublime caramel.    An ample amount is drizzled over the pie before covering with the pastry top.  Baked in a hot, hot oven the pie bubbles away.  The smell is spectacular!  The taste of this amped up apple pie is tops.

After all that we were all in need of a long winter’s nap.  Lucky thing too with the big man and his tiny reindeer were closing in fast.


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