Chicken and Chardonnay

Plump chicken thighs, seared and then finished in the oven, sautéed Lactino kale, and a roasted potatoes to sop up the pan juices made dinner fit for a king.

As far as wine pairings are concerned chicken and Chardonnay is not a revolutionary combination.   This angular Grand Cru Chablis from the Bougros vineyard possessed acidity that cut through the buttery pan sauce like a frozen lake splintering during the spring thaw.  Zip, zang, bonjour! This wine is not messing around.  For all of its biting citrus precision there is a creamy blanket that wraps the palate in soothing warmth bringing balance to this nervy version of Chardonnay.

The thighs were seasoned, seared, and pan roasted.  The pan then deglazed with the wine and allowed to reduce before nubs of butter were added to enrich the sauce.  The chopped kale was added to the pan, swirled around in the sauce, and then placed back in the oven to finish things off.

Cheers to the new year!




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