One last hurrah

January 1 The new year began with familiar flavors.  Favorites.  Smoked salmon and toasted brioche topped with a quivering poached egg.  The richness of the dish balanced with a garnish of capers, lemon zest, and a liberal dusting of fresh cracked pepper.

January 2 Out for one last hurrah before getting back to the grindstone after the holidays.   It is easy these days in Seattle to explore old neighborhoods to find new places.

Gracia on Ballard Ave is one such spot. The vaulted ceiling of the narrow space help eliminate any feeling of claustrophobia. At the entrance an impressive wood bar stands complete with a deep selection of tequila and mezcal.  The bustling open kitchen draws your eye further into the shotgun shaped space.

Carnitas tacos, empanadas, local ale and margaritas.  Salty, creamy guacamole was devoured between sips of Stoup winter ale while waiting (not quite patiently) for the rest of the meal.  Pulled pork tacos sweet and savory with hints of juicy pineapple.  Green  cilantro rice and black beens with a twinge of garlic and cumin.

All in all a fun discovery that will be a nice brunch alternative on market days.


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