Cinematic snacks

January 6  There are in Seattle many fine establishments for an unparalleled cinematic experience that offer libations in addition to the usual menu items.  It is possible to enjoy both your popcorn and a local winter ale while taking in the latest blockbuster.

Not tonight, snuggling in for the evening to decompress with the first week of the new year done.  That is until the corks and corn start popping.  Tonight, there is popcorn.  There is Champagne.  There is a movie.  It’s a toss up between Creed and Burnt.  We’ll see how that thumb wars ends.

As far as the snacks go popcorn and Chardonnay is pretty classic.  The wine does not have to go toe to toe in the flavor department.  In fact,  the bubbles of a blanc de blanc feel a bit cheeky.  The high acidity and frothiness clean the palate balancing out the rich saltiness of the popped corn.

While buttered with salt may be my first inclination; popcorn is a good foil for other flavors.   Seasonings like a dusting of piment d’espelette or grated parmesan offers variety.  It makes pairing the snack with a nice Gamey or Lambrusco seem a little more plausible.


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