Bottled Sunshine

“Anything But Chardonnay” shuts the door on sublime expressions of this capable and adaptable grape. It is more than something for everyone.  Chardonnay can offer  a broad appeal in one bottling and show another side with laser focus that speaks to only one place at one moment in time.

The 2015 Far Niente Napa Valley Chardonnay speaks of its location.  Napa Chardonnay’s are too often maligned for their distinctiveness.   This one was a bit cold on opening.  Even so the creme fraiche and meyer lemon flavors sang out of the glass.  The round palate expressing the restrained use of oak that balanced the citrus pop of acidity.  As the wine slowly came to room temperature the spiced apple and pear notes added more complexity to the nose and palate.

This wine has a distinctive salty tang that would pair well with Fajitas.  The palate had a mix of spice flavors that would marry well with the melange of flavors that makes fajitas such a mouthwatering dish.

Digging deeper into Chardonnay requires the drinker to suspend their beliefs a bit.  Not all bottles are created equal.  Around the world from Chablis to Mornington Peninsula there is a bountiful range of wines and producers to be discovered and enjoyed.




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