Break out the bubbly


Delving into the selection of Fat Cork wines, today seemed like an appropriate day as any other to start.  The company’s niche is Champagne.  From what I can tell their focus is laser sharp.  The selection is all grower produced sparkling wines that are imported to their Seattle location.  The cellar door is open to the public with advertised tastings held on Saturday afternoons.  It’s a great opportunity to try the wines from otherwise unknown producers.

Tonight’s selection NV Baillette-Prudhomme ‘Memoirs’ Premiere Cru does not disappoint.  Personally, I am curious how this wine will be tasting tomorrow.  It’s a bit tight this evening with a slightly tannic (!) finish.  The nose is classic and spicy with tantalizing aromas of yeast, red apple, and coriander.  The bone dry palate carries the yeast forward with a distinctly rich sour dough starter tang rounded out by fruit flavors of apple, fig, and pear.  It has a biscuity finish with a lemon tang.  As the wine opened up the wine revealed a flavors of smoke and chalk driven no doubt by the wine’s terroir.

This is a dry, crisp, refreshing Champagne – a treat for the senses.  It would pair well with Dungeness crab, oysters, mussels, clams; any of the shellfish the Pacific Northwest has in spades.


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