Sandwich Bliss

I cannot remember the first bahn mi I ever enjoyed.  But, I do recall that first wallop of intense flavor.  It was Like nothing I had experienced before.

There was a lot going on in one sandwich.

The sweet floral greenness of the cilantro mixed with the crunch of the pickled veg.   The drilled pork redolent with smokey nuances.  Even the baguette bun assaulted my gums leaving little nicks that pricked with each pickle laden bite.  That lunch is a little bit of heaven.

Order an iced Vietnamese style coffee to go with it.  Just make sure you are not planning on getting forty winks.  This is one caffeinated beverage that will fuel you for hours.

For me it is always fun to get out of my comfort zone to explore new flavors.  Small experiences like the bahn mi inspire me to travel in order to have the most authentic experience possible.


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