Bland to grand

I take no credit for the raviolis.  Picked up on a grocery run for a night when it would be all to easy to make the call for take away.   The pumpkin had been roasted a few nights before with plans for soup.  The mushrooms were nothing exotic – simple brown criminis.

This was adding up to be a rather bland dinner.

Brown butter and a handful of chopped sage saved the day.  Slowly heat butter over low heat.  As the butter melts and the milk solids separate it will bubble and foam.  Once the milk solids fall to the bottom of the pan they will start to caramelize.  Keep an eye on things and stir the contents.  Toss in the sage to crisp it before the process is complete.

To finish the dish sweat minced garlic and shallot until soft.  Add the sliced mushrooms.  Allow them to caramelize to deepen their flavor before adding the chunks of pumpkin.  Then add the brown butter and strained cooked raviolis.  Toss to combine.  Grated pecorino  or parmesan completes the meal.


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