Brunch downtown at the Four Season’s Goldfinch offers abundant options.  All of the friendly faces are there: omelet, eggs benedict, pancakes.  All with mouthwatering descriptions. All equally up to the task of settling rumbling bellies.

After spying the spread of shellfish on the way to our table I chose to stick with a seafood themed meal.  And so it was that I enjoyed oysters with red wine shallot mignonette, poached prawns, and silken smoked salmon to begin.

There are certain menu items I find difficult to turn down.  Crab cakes are one of them.  Nothing is sweeter in the grey rainy months of the Pacific Northwest winter that Dungeness crab.  Today’s crab cakes did not redefine the genre.  They were deliciously crispy with a twang of salt on the finish.  The cabbage and pumpkin seed slaw mirrored the sweet crunchiness of the cakes making them a fine accompaniment.

I ‘missed out’ on desserts on this visit only because today was a  birthday celebration and there was cake.  That’s ok.  It leaves a reason to return again.


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