Dinner out at a local favorite. Kisaku sits on a stretch of commercial properties deep in Greenlake’s Tangletown community.  Its closest neighbors, Mighty-O donuts and Zika Coffee Roaster, have an equally rabid following.

The spacious interior provides ample seating with table and sushi bar options.  It’s always fun to sit up at the bar to watch the meticulous habits and precise skills of sushi chefs at work.

Steamed edamame bought us some time to make final menu decisions.  The salty pods and sweet beans paired well with the sake and Sapporo.  Tempura, sashimi, and nigiri sushi followed in quick succession with a spicy tuna roll added on for good measure.  It’s impressive how such a seemingly light meal can be so filling.

The service is consistently attentive and professional with staff available to fulfill requests without hovering.  That coupled with the fresh, clean menu items keeps this spot at the top of people’s list of sushi establishments.


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