Pinot Gris Pairing

Friday night take out called for a robust wine of character that could balance sweet and spicy flavors.  The white wines of Alsace, Germany, and Austria are touted as go to sources for wine pairings with Asian cuisine.  The wine’s naturally high acidity make them all around food friendly.  Their unique mix of flavors coupled with some off dry options makes them ever so appealing when Thai food is coming to the table.

Chardonnay is the unequivocal star in the Napa Valley. Pinot Gris, a darling in Alsace, is having a moment in the Willamette Valley.  Looking to further diversify itself this rathe obscure grape is gaining foothold.  The 2015 from Lachini Vineyards piqued my interest at the store.  Until then  I was only familiar with their Pinot Noir.  Knowing the quality of those wines made me curious about their efforts in the realm of white wine.

The 2015 Lachini Vineyards Pinot Gris is a medium bodied white wine with high natural acidity.  It paired well with the pad see ew, my go to for Thai dining.  The wine’s lifted floral aromas coupled with its backbone of chalky terroir and spicy coriander finish made it an optimal wine to match with the sweet dark soy sauce that dominates the dish.



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