L’ecole 41


This is a little bit different.  Washington wines usually bring to mind a nice rich Merlot or swarthy Syrah.  Even in the realm of white wines Riesling might be the first thought.

L’ecole 41 is a classic producer in Washington State.  Their Sémillon and Cabernets  are as well known as the iconic schoolhouse for which it is named.

Tonight, to kick off Washington wine month, their 2015 Chenin Blanc was opened.  This wine is one to have on hand for the summer months ahead.  The wine is alive with flavors of crushed apple, beeswax, river stones, and honey suckle.  The wine’s juiciness is balanced by its spritely acidity, an inherent quality in this grape.

This wine would pair well with halibut.  It would be especially delicious along side a roasted tranche of the fish that  had been marinated in a green garlic pesto.

Bring on spring!



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