Frelard Pizza


If you are driving a bit to fast on Leary Way you could speed right past this spot.  On finer days the outdoor patrons jockey for positions at the picnic tables. The fire pits bring the braver souls out earlier than most.  They can be found huddled around the fire bundled in their parkas enjoying local beer.

Come inside where the ovens are raging.  There is a good chance it’s drizzling outside making the warm interior more than welcome.

All the menu items we have experienced thus far are ample in size.  The pizzas are served propped up from the table. Dinner and table settings do not have to jockey for position at any time during the meal.

Go for the ‘Italian Chop’ to start.  The presentation is a bit strange.  The ingredients are piled into a bowl that seems two sizes too small for the contents.  It does allow for dramatic delivery.  The pizzas are crisp, fresh, and made to order.  Depending on the time of day your order could take a little while.  The location also does delivery.  The Primo, Carbonara, and Ballard Bridge have been ordered and enjoyed on numerous visits.

Frelard’s location my cause some to question it’s loyalty.  Is it in Ballard?  Is it in Fremont?  The debate can rage on over pitchers and pies.  In the end everyone will leave full and happy.



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