“…a nice Chianti.”

The porcetta is roasted.  Pork shoulder is one of those magical cuts of meat that morphs during the cooking process into something else entirely.  It now stands ready to be sliced and served over polenta with roasted carrots and parsnips.

On the table a bottle of Chianti Classico stands ready.  If you are ever feeling overwhelmed by the idea of picking the “right” wine for the dish always fall back to classic pairings.  And so, with an Italian roast resting on the cutting board it was an easy choice to open the 2010 La Porta di Vertine Chianti Classico.

At seven years old this wine is drinking young.  It has fine dusty tannins with a backbone of chalk, black olive, and cocoa.  On the palate there is an elegant mix of sweet and savory notes: black raspberry, salami, black pepper.  Let’s not forget the acidity. A meal like this one needs a wine to pull double duty with subtle skill and finesse.  It both cleanses the palate and adds further dimension to the meal.



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