Pizza & Dumplings

An unlikely combination that works well at Chinapie in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood.  In the kitchen there is an Italian wood burning oven and over on the stove top sits a steamer the size of a small moon.  There is a lot going on.

The menu has options for everyone from the humble pizza mozzarella to sticky rice with pork belly.  In between those two choices are potstickers, ‘shu mai’ made with pho flavors,  tikka masala pizza.  It is anything but a gimmick because each dish was jam packed full of flavor.

It can all be enjoyed with a deep list of locally sourced beer.  The wine list is short, but intentional.  This is to be expected as Chinapie is neighboring Pomerol’s sibling.  Today Fremont Brewery’s Universal Pale Ale paired well with the herbal curry pizza.  It cut through the deep starchy flavors of the steamed sticky rice.

There is a push and pull to the flavors that peaks the curiosity.  It is well worth the visit.


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