Strolling through the farmers market this morning in the stunning Seattle sunshine.  I have for years enjoyed making the loop up and down Market St.  The historic buildings cast a long shadow even at 10am.  The mood is buoyant.

While signs of spring may be popping up in neighborhoods around the city with forsythia and daffodils making a statement, the veg at the market has not quite broken through. Soon, very soon.  Until then, let’s get creative.

Hama Hama Oysters have had a farm stand in Ballard as long as I can remember.  Today I was in search of oysters and mussels.  I had ideas in my head about moules and frites, stout and oysters.  It sunny, but not warm.  Let’s not get crazy. Oysters they had.  Instead of mussels I walked away with a pound of mahogany clams.

The plan was to keep it simple. Sautée spring onion and garlic, add wine, stock and the cleaned clams. Allow to steam for 2 minutes. Add the already roasted and chopped potatoes.  Done and done.  Thick sliced, grilled sourdough bread on the side would be a superb accompaniment to sop up the remaining broth at the end of the meal.

The wine should be crisp and dry.  If you are going the Champagne route (yes please!) an ever chic Extra Brut Blanc de Blanc would be well served.  Other options include the classics – Muscadet sur Lie, Sancerre, or Chablis.  The salty terroir driven backbone of these wines marry well with the briny character of shellfish.

Tonight we had a bottle of 2015 Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc laying about.  It is steady, consistent, and an excellent companion for any shellfish dinner.


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