By the seashore


Muscadet sur lie was made for shellfish.  Born out of the chalky soil on the western tip of the Loire valley the wine reeks of crushed stones, seaweed, and finishes with a distinctive salty tang.

It is the perfect partner for the seafood of the Pacific Northwest.  Winter’s chill may still have a strong hold, but that does not mean a chilled glass of Muscadet is not welcome.  For there are oysters on the half shell, steamed mussels, and Dungeness crab to indulge in.

As the seasons change the halibut and green garlic will be looking for a partner.  The rich flavors of oven roasted wild Sockeye salmon may be a bit much for the delicate flavors of a Muscadet.  But, serve that salmon cold smoked with lemon, capers, and aioli and it’s a different ball game.  Before long the local tuna will be running off the Pacific coast.  Once again this wine will rise to the occasion. Aged versions of Muscadet sur Lie, those with 10 years plus in tank or well stored bottle, start to mimic white Burgundy of a certain pedigree. This gives it the body and finesse to pair well with herb rubbed tuna, ceviche or grilled.

Muscadet sur Lie is a multi-faceted wine.  In this neck of the woods with the bevy of fresh seafood available it should be a household name.


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