There is a little place near the top of Fremont Ave with steamed up windows that offers lattes, lunch, and a thoughtful selection of sustainably produced wine.  It is a clever combination of cafe and wine shop.

Vif is the perfect place to stop for a morning latte on the run to work.  The wait for said coffee is never long.  And, there is a parking lot.  Time that would have been spent searching for a spot to park for 5 minutes in Fremont can be better used perusing the wines racked on the walls.

The selection is eclectic.  Many of the regions may be familiar.  The producers are smaller family run affairs who focus on working sustainably.  The hands off approach to winemaking lets the grapes, the terroir, and the vintage speak clearly.  The wines are distinct.   One such wine is the Muscadet that was opened earlier this week.  I purchased a Dolcetto on the same visit.

I would very much like to take a morning one day to slide into a booth instead of running out the door to further explore the menu and enjoy the quiet ambience of the space.


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