Sweet Little Number

Another chicken roasting in the oven.  There have been enough comments in previous posts extolling my love for the humble roasted bird.  It was necessary this week to have a steady supply of stock on hand.

The 2014 Brovia Dolcetto d’Alba is open and pairing beautifully with the now roasted chicken.  In terms of hierarchy Dolcetto is often placed at the bottom of the list when compared to the other red grapes from Piedmont.  It is a unique and satisfying food wine that can stand up to some serious dishes.  One of my favorite memories is eating at a local pizzeria near the town of Neive surrounded by locals enjoying a starter of lardo and a fresh bottle of the “sweet little one”.

The Dolcetto d’Alba from Brovia possesses the fine grained tannins and deep brooding flavors that bring balance to meals.  On the nose and palate the wine expresses deep plum, leather, and ground coffee notes with a chalky sweet finish.  It’s a powerful wine that has taken some time to open up.  Tomorrow, I think, it will be even more effusive.


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