Orange Blossom Syrup

It’s been a bit of a rough week.  The sniffles and the sneezes have jumped around to all of the occupants of the house.  Everyone is feeling a little bit worn out.  To bolster spirits there is a starter for cardamom doughnuts in  the kitchen.

The inspiration comes from reading  How to Hygge.  There is a delicious brioche-y sounding doughnut recipe that incorporates ground cardamom into the dough.  The finish product is rolled in orange blossom honey.  That with  a cup of hot, hot coffee sounds divine.

I do not have orange blossom honey.  The house is completely out of honey of any variety – colds will do that.  Instead I do possess a bottle of orange blossom water.  I’m making a simple syrup.  Once it cools I will add a few tablespoons of the blossom water.  It will add a fresh, floral element to what should be a buttery, sweet weekend treat.


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