Early Riser

The starter worked its magic while I was fast asleep for the night.  The mix went in an extra large bowl (just in case fermentation went crazy) covered with plastic wrap for 6-7 hours.  It was plenty of time for it to double in size.  A lovely sour bread smell burst from the bowl when the wrapping was removed.  This extra step added a extra depth of flavor and  texture to the cardamom donuts.

Adapted from How to Hygge:

  • Bread Flour, 1c
  • Dry yeast, 1T
  • Water, 2/3c

Combine the dry ingredients.  Make a well in the center add the water.  Stir to combine.

The recipe recommends leaving the starter, covered, in a warm place to double in size.  This will take about an hour.  Alternatively, you could do like I did.  Put time on your side.  Instead of waiting and checking and waiting and checking – cover the bowl and stash it in a cooler corner of the kitchen right before bed.  Catch you usual shut eye and pick up where you left off in the morning.

If you don’t quite trust your sanity first thing in the morning.  Prep the remaining ingredients before bed. Then continue with the recipe within minutes of your alarm sounding.


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