Spring Veg Debut

The market was hopping this morning.

The sun was shining, for the most part.  For all intents and purposes Ballard was a little slice of early spring heaven.  Even though one vendor was overheard saying things are a few weeks behind.  I would take this to mean rhubarb an asparagus will not make a debut anytime soon.  Stinging nettles, foraged watercress, and one of my personal favorites sprouting broccoli heralded the start of a new season.

Sprouting broccoli prepared simply to let the sweetness of the young veg shine.  It was blanched in the pan, just enough water to cover the bottom, for a minute.  Enough time for the water to boil.  Then roasted for another few minutes.  Veg this fresh does not need much time to get tender.  I season it at the end instead of salting the blanching water.  With this technique you run the risk of over seasoning the dish as the water evaporates.  It was finished with a flourish of olive oil and served alongside brown rice and chicken teriyaki.



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