A spring time meal that comes together quickly.  The pesto components swirl away in the cuisinart while to new potatoes roast in the oven (set to 400˚F).  Green garlic pesto and halibut are two partners that dance together with ease.  They make it look so easy.

Before cooking swath the lean halibut filets in the pesto.  If left unattended halibut can come out dry and whithered from the oven.  The pesto protects the delicate fish.  Add the fish to the oven as the potatoes come out.  While they are cooling the fish can roast at a more gentle temperature, 350˚F, for 7-8 minutes.  The flesh should just start to give.

In the glass, the first rosé of the season 2016 Aix Rosé de Provence.  Light, crisp, and dry.  A terroir driven blush wine that carries with it the light scent strawberry and lemon zest, like a promise of things to come.


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