Road Trip

Headed out on a day trip over the weekend to check out the sites at Suncadia; the sun was shining and birds were chirping.  It’s a straight 90 minute drive on I-90 going east from Seattle.

The resort sits back on a bluff over looking mountains and forest.  There is an endless supply of activities to keep people occupied for a day or a week. In the winter months the Summit at Snoqualmie is not far down the road.  In summer there are two golf courses, endless trails for biking or hiking, rivers to explore.  The indoor pool is a year round option complete with a breath taking water slide.

We stopped at the Lodge for lunch before exploring the outdoors.  The menu was substantial with soup, salad, and sandwich options.  I chose the vegetarian burger with sweet potato waffle fries.  That mountain air will make you hungry.  The wine list, organized by varietal, focused on the strengths of the Pacific Northwest.  Efeste’s Final-Final, a fruit forward and well structured wine, paired well with the burger.  The wine’s bramble fruit and chalky tannins balanced well with the sandwich.

With good food and wide open spaces the trip to Suncadia was a hit.  The sun followed us home.  Not a peep was heard from the passengers until we retuned home to birds chirping their good night tunes.



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