Once again there is a roasted chicken waiting to be consumed.  đź™‚

What to do with it this time?  There is a shift in the weather, even if the rain has not abated.  It feels warmer, softer, like the fight of winter has finally resigned itself to the momentum of spring.

At Macrina Bakery today their sourdough loaf looked promising.  Back home a quick inventory of the fridge revealed avocados, bacon, and a jar of tomato jam.  The makings of  a club sandwich to be sure.

The bread was sliced thick and sautĂ©ed until golden brown for a quick crostini.  One of the chicken breast was dismantled from the bird and roughly chopped.  It was heated with sautĂ©ed shallot and the remaining green garlic pesto.  All the while the bacon is roasting away in a 375ËšF oven. Turn the heat down as it starts to crisp.

Before the chicken cooled tomato jam was spread on each crostini slice followed by sliced of avocado.  The bacon once out of the oven was chopped and sprinkled on top.

A spritz of lime and a swirl of olive oil later the sandwiches were ready.  In my glass tonight is a plummy Bordeaux SupĂ©rieur merlot with a backbone of gritty terroir and chalky tannins.



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