In my pantry there is…

a bottle of sherry vinegar.  At all times.  No question.

Of all the possible choices for the acidic component of a salad dressing sherry vinegar is one of the more assertive flavors.  It’s dominating bite can be tempered by pairing it with a more buttery olive oil from the Genoa area or Provence.  Some Tuscan oils will work if they are more green than peppery.

The two together in combination with ultra fresh greens and a dash of fleur de sel brighten any salad.

After a day spent enjoying the blaring sun dinner was kept simple.  The glorious hours spent outdoors had left everyone flushed and quite exhausted.  A variation of the recent watercress salad was produced without much adieu.

Watercress, feta, toasted pinenuts with the aforementioned sherry vinegar and olive oil.  The last of the chicken was picked off the bones and served cold along side.


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