Propolis Brewery

There was a buoyant mood at the farmers market this morning.  People seemed genuinely happy to be out and about.  It could be the two straight days of sunshine or it could have been the noticeable shift in comestibles available for purchase.

The market bag was filled with stalks of neon pink rhubarb, slender asparagus stalks, fresh chives, and few bottles from Propolis Brewery.  Recently I had read about this local producer.  I wanted to check out their wares.

Propoplis produces a vast selection of seasonal beers.  They are infused with herbs and spices as availability dictates.  Today we went home with a Grenache barrel aged black cherry kriek and the Beltane, an elderflower infused ale.

The afternoon was spent indulging in low key activities.  As it was a holiday weekend family were over to color eggs and subsequently hunt for them in the yard.  Nubs of goat cheese, butter crackers, and the Propolis Brewery Beltane were enjoyed.  The beer had a lightness on the palate with depths of flavor thanks to the brewing method as well as the sweetly fragrant elderflower.


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