Monday, Monday

Firing on all cylinders this evening.   Garbanzo beans are in the oven braising in olive oil with a crushed clove of garlic.  Farro simmers on the stove in chicken stock.  Chives, mint, and parsley are chopped.  The lemon is rested and juiced.  The slices of sourdough are crisping in the toaster.

There is a lot going on for a fairly simple meal – faro and garbanzo crostini with chicken. Goat cheese adorns the bread before the remaining ingredients are piled on top.  A lemon caper vinaigrette finishes the dish.  Fresh, sharp, green flavors to usher in the new season.

Lemon-Caper Vinaigrette is made in a 3:1 of olive oil:lemon juice.  There is no honey or other sweeteners addd to the recipe.  It needs a nice buttery, rich oil to balance out the acidic burst of citrus.  The chopped herbs and capers are mixed in just before serving.

Have the 2016 rosés made an appearance in your area this season?  A fruity and dry mourvèdre rosé from Provence would pair perfectly with the goat cheese, chicken, and herbs.


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