Coyle’s Bakeshop

Croissant or cretzel?  It would be easy to become mesmerized by the display of all things buttery and sweet.  With the line snaking out the door it is decision time. Honestly you cannot go wrong.  Having to decide between the bostok and the seasonal fruit pastries means you will be compelled to return soon for more.

The bakeshop sits on the cusp of Greenwood’s burgeoning commercial district.  It is a charming spot finished in warm creams with a pop of aquatic green on the chairs.  The kitchen space is open giving customer full view of the effort it takes to produce these quality pastries.

The case is bedecked with the items mentioned earlier along with macaroons, meringue, scones, shortbread, cakes, and more.   I am one of those who becomes transfixed by the display only to order my usual chocolate croissant and latte.  I should break out, but I love it so.

The croissants are precise and buttery,  The mahogany shell shatters to reveal a toothsome honey comb center (a sign of a job well executed).  It is no easy task.  For the past two years plus the pastries at Coyle’s Bakeshop have been produced with this level of skill and devotion.

Beyond the pastries there are classes and afternoon teas to attend  For there is marmalade to be made, scones to be eaten, and cups of Earl Grey to be enjoyed.  Coyle’s Bakeshop is far from an ordinary pastry experience.


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