First of many

It has rained and poured and poured and rained for many months.  Up here in the Pacific Northwest this kind of winter is not unheard of.  There comes a point when the days start to get longer that the body starts to crave a shift in the environment.  With all the rain the start of asparagus season was pushed back a few weeks.

It is here now.  The glorious green spears took over a few of the market stalls standing sentry flanked by cabbages and carrots.  On this visit to the market the latter was overshadowed by the new arrival.

Before their short season is over the spears will be roasted, grilled, and backed.  Thin slivers will be tossed into salads raw.  Whole spears will punctuate herbed quiche.  It is a fast and furious love affair.

Celebrate the start of the new season with chilled cremates from the Loire and Burgundy.  The 2016 rosés are filling the shelves and crisp sauvignon blancs will pair well with the lighter fare of spring.


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