Recently the Canadian Consulate hosted a tasting of BC wines.  Wineries from the Okanagan Valley were represented along with a stunning array of wine styles.  Having only visited the Niagra wine region in Canada this group piqued my interest.

This was not the first time trying BC wines.  On many trips to Vancouver and Whistler there were ample opportunities to try the regional fare.  What has always impressed me about these wines is there propensity to pair well with food.  These are high acid wines.  They have plenty of fruit to be enjoyed by the glass.  It is their acidity that sets them apart.

At the tasting event there were lime zested Rieslings, autolytic sparkling wines, tropical savvy b’s.  That is just the white wines.  The reds possess the depth of fruit character and terroir precision that other more well known regions are lauded for.  After speaking with the winemakers and winery reps at the event the overarching goal, for this group, was to have the wine be a reflection of the vintage and the terroir.  In a valley that has the potential to produce world class Riesling, Syrah, and Bordeaux blends that is an admirable endeavor.



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