With Rhubarb Comes Rosé

2016 Rosés are hitting the shelves.  Not a moment too soon.  Their very presence can lift the spirit and warm the soul. It’s a jolly wine that has great presence at the table.

In a rosé I am looking for a wine with structure and balance.  It should display the essence of the red grape it is created from. I am also looking for something that is bone dry.  The best rosés are food wines with subtle aromas and flavors that beguile the senses.  It should not be watery or boring.

For example, tonight’s rosé hails from the Loire Valley region of Anjou.  The cabernet franc gives the wine a fine, fine color; a pretty, pretty pink.  The wine is no dying violet.  It’s as bold and satisfying as a rosé can be.  The wine is terroir driven with flavors of chalk and wet stone.  The round palate adds a textural element and shows flavors of strawberry, creme fraiche, and meyer lemon.  It is a wine that piques your interest and cleanses the palate.

It would pair well with goat cheese tart, sole meunière, omelete with fine herbs, or asparagus with hollandaise to name a few.  The wine’s delicate flavors, high acidity, and terroir driven backbone give it the structure and elegance to pair well with lighter spring and summer meals.



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