Sunday night.  Rain pouring from the heavens.  In need of something low key and robust to satisfy on a chilly spring evening.

In the fridge were the remains of yet another roasted chicken (oh yes!), short grain brown rice, carrots, green garlic and a few other treasures from the farmers market visit.

The carrots were peeled, medium diced and sweated.  While that was going on the green garlic was chopped.  One thing I do love about this veg is its dual role.  It’s delicate flavor takes care of the shallot and garlic portions of a recipe while adding a new seasonal flavor to the dish.  The green garlic is added once the carrots are toothsome.  Then these too are sweated in the pan.

The meat is stripped from the chicken and roughly chopped.  The bones have been put to work making stock – love to have the fresh stuff on hand.  The chicken and rice are added to the pan with a sprig of lemon thyme.  It is all just covered with chicken stock and allowed to simmer on the stove until the carrots are soft.

What of those other market treasures?  All the while thickly sliced potatoes have been roasting in the oven at 425˚F.  In the last few minutes of cooking add the seasoned asparagus spears. Both will then be ready with the soup.





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