Ramen and Pinot Blanc

Chili oil.  Sesame.  Rich egg noodles.  This ramen was not for the faint of heart.  Lots of deep rich umami flavors swirling around.

Meals like this call for a lifted aromatic wine or a sparkling wine.  The aromatic wines with high acidity bring a lightness to the palate.  The flavors delight and refresh the palate.  A sparking wine would work in a similar fashion with the high acidity and bubbles washing the palate clean in a way.

With today’s ramen lunch a bottle of the 2014 St. Innocent Pinot Blanc was opened.  Varietals from the Alsace region of France pair well with dishes from Asian. Their typically citrus heavy palates and floral nose balance the richness of umami heavy meals.  This pinot blanc had distinct flavors of white flowers, tangerine zest, and meyer lemon on the nose.  The palate has cleansing high acidity coupled with the beautiful tangerine notes and a structured chalky finish.

This would be a beautiful wine to have by the glass on a sunny day.  It brought the sunshine to today’s mid-day meal making everyone happy.



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