Propolis Brewing Kriek

Enjoying another find from Propolis Brewing.  This time a Flemish style sour ale. The kriek is aged in Grenche barrels and infused with black cherry and brett.  Both of these contribute to the ale’s fruity and musky quality.

It’s medium bodied.  Pairing it with big meat dishes would overwhelm its nuanced flavors.  It does have the body and structure to accompany the right meal.  It would shine with seafood and bigger vegetable dishes.  For example, poached halibut, ratatouille, spice roasted cauliflower with capers, raisins, and pine nuts.

If you are feeling stuck think of this ale in terms of a fine dry style of Provençal rosé.  Meals centered around Mediterranean fare will allow this kriek to shine.  I am looking forward to trying more from this brewery through the summer.  They can be found at the Ballard Farmers Market on Sundays in Seattle.  A trip out to their home base in Port Townsend would not be remiss.  There are ample culinary stops in and around this coastal town.



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